The comment reads: Thanks for putting this up. This made my day.

Thanks for putting this up. I second that. Plus a “WOAH!”

The comment reads: That is a real woman’s body. No one is perfect. It’s a real shame we look up to fakes!

After just two days, two of the four posters up pasted up have comments. The first poster lives in Williamsburg on N.6th between Bedford Ave. and Berry. Comments include:

- Photoshop is to blame
- We are living in a capitalistic dystopia. Everyone is to blame.
- This is great!
- It’s women’s fault.

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The inevitable x-rated drawing…

The comments say, “I like Britnay [sic] both ways,” and “Me too :)” All trans-Britney jokes aside, this shows that people are not repulsed by the normal, unretouched image of the pop-sensation.